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Mosaic - a great finishing material, the main advantage of which is not only practical, but also beauty, originality. Today the mosaic is not just a form of decorative art, but also a wonderful, time-consuming technique decoration. It consists of small mosaic tiles whose sizes vary from 10 mm x 10 mm or more, and these tiles can have irregular shape and perfect flowers. To date, mosaics are made pictures, icons, pictures and more.

Mosaic icons
Our workshop produces mosaic ArtMosaik mosaic icons. At our practice, our professional painters use only modern technology, while respecting the traditions of ancient masters to achieve the best results. In the manufacture of mosaic icons, we adhere to the canons of the Orthodox Church and the traditions of Byzantine mosaic art.

Making mosaics
Mosaics can be made from almost any material - it could be glass, ceramics, fine wood, semiprecious stones, smalt (thick, not clear glass), and more. other methods of making the mosaic, there are several species. Mosaic of stone, ceramic glazes, or can be both direct and reverse set. Mosaic of wood used intarsia, marquetry, inlay or mosaic block manufacturing technology.

Tile History
The story begins with a mosaic of the times of the ancient East, where it was invented and released to the world. However, surprisingly, its broad recognition of the mosaic is in the Roman Empire - here she were laid and decorated walls, floors and windows of the villas, palaces, and even ships. However, mosaic art blossomed in the Byzantine Empire, whose production technology and the mosaic came to our time.

If you are interested in mosaic art, or you want to decorate your home with mosaics, our workshop ArtMosaik gladly make for you an artistic mosaic glass, smalti, marble or other material, based on your needs and preferences.