Mosaic production

Mosaic Workshop / Mosaic production
The process begins with a drawing.
Manufacture of mosaic panels in the technique of reverse recruitment.
Everyday work ...
Ready material in the opposite set.
And this - the front side panels.
The panel found, and it is on the wall!
A classic piece of desktop.
Implementation of artistic intent.
Another piece in the opposite set.
Installing the panels on site.
To be continued ...
The final stage - the grout.
Here something is missing ...
Schass do it!
This is the beginning flower mosaic./td>
Bouquet in the process ...
Bouquet on the installation.
Again, mortar, "the final touch".
Here it is, BEAUTY!
In light of the rising sun.
Small-caps should be put into a mosaic ...
The process has started!
"Well begun is half done".
Here is a mosaic small-caps came out!
At work.
Since then, work begins on the icon.
Install icon.
The next icon will be installed here.
Meanwhile ...
Install icon.
"Four Hands" ...
Future Landscape Beauty.
And another beauty!
Thus was born the Firebird.
Garden sculpture.
Facing the columns in the technique of direct recruitment.
Apply glue and ...
... And put tile.
Fragments of columns, tile module 2, see.
Fragments of columns, an arbitrary cutting.
Column. General view.
Preparing for the exhibition. To be continued.