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Mosaic - a work of art, a picture of colored pieces of glass and stone. The mosaic design of architectural forms in varying degrees, is common to all eras and cultures of humanity.

Mosaic - one of the most ancient arts. The earliest known usage patterns mosaic residents of Mesopotamia, to decorate homes - IV millennium BC These were the first examples of mosaic decoration in architecture - ancient mosaic still pleases tourists to its original view.

Gradually the custom of decorating buildings mosaic ornament spread around the world. Every culture, learned this art, of course, brought in his own style and the development of flavor.

Features of glass mosaic mural

Have survived from the bottom panels of glass mosaic hit all of the same color saturation and striking beauty. It's all thanks to:

  • the strength of the mosaic,
  • its durability,
  • as well as its stability in the environment.

Together, these qualities make mosaics called forever young and popular. Today is available every mosaic in Odessa for everyone to purchase unique panels from it.

And today the interior, where there is art of glass mosaic pattern, is seen as a sign of good taste, the desire for a combination of luxury and fundamental, the present and eternity.

Paintings of glass mosaics - works of art

Today it is possible to buy the painting of glass mosaic, made in the art technology. These are real works of art that can decorate any room. In modern architecture, is clearly a tendency to return to the traditions of mosaic art.

Glass mosaic - is not only a finishing material, but also a means of art. It provides designers endless possibilities for the decoration of interiors as well as exteriors. In this case, buy panels of glass mosaic want not only individuals, but also government agencies. With creativity, you can create a mosaic truly unique interior solutions. Colored glass mosaic - this is a truly versatile tool for creating unique masterpieces.

Modern Masters store and multiply fragile, elegant, but continued to live forever the beauty of this art.

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