Materials for the manufacture of mosaic

Mosaic Workshop / Materials for the manufacture of mosaic
Following the tradition of the old masters, and at the same time, using modern technology, studio mosaic ArtMosaik produces mosaic icons, paintings and panels of various materials: smalt, glass colored tiles, marble, etc. All work is performed by professional artists.

Smalt is a kind of female relatives thereof, of glass: it has the same brightness, but the strength exceeds by many times. Technology for manufacturing glazes over the years has undergone major changes. In our time, for the manufacture of smalt glass powder is ground in, and then bake it again with special dyes. Through these procedures becomes smalt unimaginable properties, chief among which should be noted resistance to aggressive media, shock and frost. Not surprisingly, the main applications of glazes is today making a mosaic smalti.

Glass Mosaic - a very versatile material that has a fairly wide range of palettes, module 1, 2 and 5 cm, and perhaps the most win-win situation that has long been deservedly acclaimed as the "beauty for centuries." Since glass mosaic - frost and heat-resistant material that is resistant to sudden temperature range from -35 to +145 ° C, it can be successfully used for various temperature regimes. Mosaic of glass mosaics and festive as it is appropriate to the building facade and the interior. Indoors, the gala for its intended purpose, first of all take into account the possibility of fine mosaic: it can be panels, placed over a sofa or fireplace, but if the room is spacious, then take the whole plane of the wall. This mosaic pattern will flash and sparkle like in natural lighting and candle light, hues and the game - to give the image motion effect. Caring for such a mosaic is not difficult: it can be washed with water and almost any detergent. The durability of the materials used can be brilliant and expressive works for many and for many years.

Mosaic of marble - a unique material. Each individual item is hand-marble mosaic processing. The thickness of each unit is brought up to 3 mm, which allows you to integrate with marble mosaic glass, ceramic, etc. Because a marble - a natural material, it is able to convey the full range of colors and hues not duplicate the various types of stone.

Ceramic tiles - a rather versatile material, which is still used in the construction and repair. In addition, ceramic mosaics made in an exclusive panel or its individual elements. In this case the starting material is ceramic clay from which vyleplivayutsya small cubes or individual elements, and after firing and enamelling are arranged in a whole panel.