Fishing save ancient mosaics

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I biologi hanno utilizzato un metodo originale per lo studio della situazione delle popolazioni di specie rare di pesci ora - una cernia scuro. Hanno studiato in dettaglio i mosaici antichi di un tempo, che mostra in dettaglio la pesca. Come risultato di biologi funzionamento prolungato imparato che in tempi lontani antico, nero cernia ha una dimensione molto più grande, però, e viveva solo in acque poco profonde, ma i suoi numeri sono molto più elevati rispetto al presente.

Since ancient times, is found in the Mediterranean so-called rock bass, which is a favorite delicacy of many gourmets. However, due to unrestricted fishing this species is almost extinct. Ironically, it was the ancient art of mosaic can help with the restoration of its population.

It was learned that the original habitat of dark grouper with a few time disintegrated - to the conclusion reached by Fiorenzo Micheli, who is a professor of marine ecology. This discovery helped biologists ancient mosaics and paintings - as it turned out, many artists were inspired by the Mediterranean it is scenes of fishing. Researchers have found hundreds of Greek, Etruscan and Roman works with the image of fishing. For example, on the Mediterranean mosaics depict marine life, including a grouper and stone, shown in detail so that they simply could not possibly know.

Ancient authors fish portrayed accurately, so that one species from another can easily vary. Following the image of a dark grouper in ancient times had such great size that could easily swallow a person.

However, despite a certain freedom of poets and artists, this mosaic is an excellent case in point. To date, mainly caught small perch of stone, which sizes up to 60 cm in length, in the old days when they constituted such bulky sea monsters!

Micheli says - "It is interesting that even on a mosaic of" The Triumph of Neptune and Amtifrity ", which is in the Louvre is clearly visible, as children with a harpoon boat rock bass - this is another confirmation of the fact that this type of fish has always been easy to catch, if even children can cope with such a task ... "