Fluorescent mosaic

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Quite recently, designers of the Italian company Lucedentro proposed an alternative approach to decorating with mosaics - with the help of fluorescent materials.

A new collection of mosaic tiles bear the name «Fotoluminescente Mosaico» and has the ability to emit a glow in the dark or under the influence of BLB-lighting.

This new collection of tiles divided into three categories, namely:

  • Visible Mosaic
In bright light, this bar has the usual form of mosaic smalti, but in the dark it glows billion fancy lights.

  • invisible (which has no color) Mosaic
This mosaic in the daylight completely invisible and indistinguishable from the main surface. However, in the dark or under the influence of BLB-lamps, it begins to emit a beautiful glow.

  • light-absorbing mosaic (luminophor)
This form luminescent mosaic has the property of "accumulation" of light energy during daytime and then at night it starts to emit a glow.

For additional "highlight" phosphorescent mosaic in a room used exclusively BLB-lamps, because in ordinary light (standard incandescent accumulation) glow of a new puzzle will be just noticeable.