Mosaics of ancient Rome

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Near the Colosseum, situated in Rome, the archaeologists have found two thousand years the mosaic, which depicts the god Apollo. His figure, covered with colored robes, surrounded by beautiful muses.

Following the researchers said, the wall is decorated with mosaics, dated to I century AD. Oe. and has a width of 16 m by 2 m, but archaeologists say that even about 8 m wall underground. Mosaic was the decoration of the room in which the rich Romans were going to listen to music and talk about art.

Fragments of the mosaic was found immediately after the discovery of frescoes that decorated the ceiling in this room. According to archaeologists, this room had something to do with the Trojan baths, which got its name in honor of the emperor, who ruled in the period from 98 to 117 years.

At the moment, the researchers hope to discover entertain the remaining fragments of this remarkable mosaic, but to continue such work requires additional investment of 680 000 euros.