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The workshop, which we visited, is located in the industrial area of the city and is called " ArtMozaik". The history of the studio grounds, as the biography of its leader , quite simple. Once upon a 30 -year-old economist from Yaroslavl Viktor Plakhin after a visit to our city decided to drastically change your life and entered the Grekovku by the sculptor. Closing of art school coincided with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and dreams of working in the arts had to postpone again. Toured half of the country, Victor in 2000 again returned to Odessa, where he met his old friends - artists. One of them invited him to his mosaic workshop - to mold the letters of the Slavic tie under the dome of the temple of St. Seraphim of Sarov, the Iberian monastery.

Victor and gradually he began to run a simple compositor mosaic paintings in one of the best shops in Odessa - Andrew Charkina studio. Here he met a talented painter of Ishmael Olesya Khlevnoy and soon Charkin released both in "free float". The first order received by the new studio was impressive - 90 square meters of direct dialing (when the mosaic is created directly on the object) in a private house on the 9th station Fontana. "It was very scary to take on such a body of work - recognized Victor. - But we are honored to have coped with this task". To view the full version of this article, you can here