Mosaic of Kiev Cathedral Sophia

Mosaic Workshop / Mosaic of Kiev Cathedral Sophia
Sophia Cathedral is a magnificent masterpiece of antiquity, which for many centuries, admire the beauty of architecture and the splendor of decoration. Temple founded in 1037 by Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev.

Sophia's Cathedral is a perfect example of the harmonious combination of various artistic techniques and trends. Completely different course of monumental paintings - mosaics and frescoes - perfectly complement each other. Mosaic emphasizes the basic elements of the interior - the central dome and the altar. All the rest of the space, including the second floor ("loft" or gallery) and an open gallery that surrounded the ancient cathedral, decorated with frescoes. To this day remained about three thousand square meters of mural paintings and more than two hundred square meters of original mosaics of the eleventh century.

The central dome and the altar is decorated with images of saints, biblical characters, as well as scenes of biblical subjects. Mosaics are made in the technique of mosaic direct dial, where small cubes of smalt placed directly on the raw plaster. Gold background mosaic brightens, increases the brightness and saturation of colors. Overall, 177 comprise a mosaic of colors. At the height of the central dome, in a medallion, depicts the face of Christ the Almighty. Initially, four framed medallion of the Archangel. Up to now the only one preserved the true picture - a mosaic figure of the Archangel in the blue dress. The other three were appended oil in 1884, a famous artist Vrubel. In the spaces once occupied the drum light images of the twelve apostles, but survived only the upper part of the figure of the Apostle Paul. In the lower tier of the dome on spherical pendentives were images of the four Evangelists. Among them is fully retained only the image of Mark. Arches still keep fifteen mosaic medallions with faces of the martyrs of Sebaste. Pillars of the eastern arch is decorated with a mosaic pattern, which reflects the biblical story of the Annunciation. Archangel Gabriel is depicted on the left, right - the Virgin Mary.

Gorgeous mosaic band adorns the main altar. Everyone entering the cathedral, immediately stop the majestic view of the monumental figure of the Virgin praying. This Orans, placed in the arch of the altar. This, in combination of warm golden background and blue robes of the Virgin, traced the basic principle of color concept decoration beautiful Sofia.

Middle tier of the apse reveals the multi-figured compositions symbolic scene of Communion of the Apostles - "Eucharist." In the lower tier of the apse are images of saints and the archdeacon, utselelevshie a half. The surviving portion of the upper image reveals complex eyes, perfect in execution, psychologically rich portraits.

Mosaic images of all layers of the main altar harmoniously combined into a single compositional and coloristic design. Bright robes of the Apostles in the "Eucharist" correspond to white on the shoulders of prelates omophorion, blue robe of Christ resonates with the same color of clothes of the Virgin and the background of ornamental figures bishops. Playing blues and whites in the apse stressed crimson hue of the throne at center stage, "the Eucharist."

The decoration of the main altar of St. Sophia, and is not amenable to usual description - this is a high pattern of a harmonious fusion of ancient art and architecture, revealing the rich culture of Kiev Rus.