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Tile History
Mosaic - one of the oldest forms of art. By Style execution of mosaic can be represented by three pillars: the Roman mosaics, Byzantine mosaics and the Florentine mosaic, formed at different periods of art.

History of Russian mosaic
Russian art of mosaic has not only cultural but also historical value. In the ancient architecture of the widespread use of the mosaic belongs to X-XIII centuries. Mosaic arches, walls and floors of churches in Kiev gave them a special solemnity and beauty.

Mosaic of Kiev Cathedral Sophia
Sophia's Cathedral is a perfect example of the harmonious combination of various artistic techniques and trends. Completely different course of monumental paintings - mosaics and frescoes - perfectly complement each other. Mosaic emphasizes the basic elements of the interior - the central dome and the altar.

Materials for the manufacture of mosaic
Ceramic tiles - very versatile material, which is still used in the construction and repair. In addition, ceramic mosaics made ​​in an exclusive panel or its individual elements. In this case the source material is ceramic clay from which molded

The use of mosaic
To date, often as a decoration or finishing material for rooms or offices used various compositions made ​​of mosaic. Now mosaics - not just art. It's also a great decoration technology.