Glass mosaic for pool and on the floor

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Where applicable glass mosaic?

Mosaic is used in the applied arts, mainly for decoration of buildings. However, due to their properties glass mosaic was a serious competition to wall and floor tiles. First of all, glass mosaic has an unusual appearance. The depth of its color combined with the reflective quality of glass results in a unique effect.

Glass mosaic on the floor - a cost-effective solution

Glass Mosaic is suitable for the widest application as resistant to frost, sunlight and exposed to water. It never fades, easy to clean, making it an ideal, versatile material. If you are interested in mosaic - prices on it we always democratic.

A good option is the floor covering glass mosaic on the floor. This is an extremely practical material having a non-porous solid structure. Moreover, such a mosaic, in addition to the aforementioned properties, still resistant to:

  • acid
  • various chemicals
  • UV rays.

It can withstand a variety of temperature extremes and does not absorb moisture. It is very durable, but also very beautiful material.

Glass mosaic for pool

I must say that the glass mosaic for swimming pool used for decades. And the builders and designers will appreciate this versatile finishing and facing material. Today our store offers customers access to affordable service - laying tile.

With a variety of colors glass mosaic looks very aesthetically pleasing on the walls and floor of the pool. Today seek not just oblitsevat pool, given the absolute waterproof glass tile, because of moisture absorption coefficient of glass is zero. But these works are carried out also with the aesthetic aspect. Side and bottom patterns made of glass mosaics are the perfect addition to the decoration of the pool and look great on the walls and bottom of the pools. The bright panels of glass mosaic - excellent decoration of any apartment.

A large number of colors makes the glass mosaic simply indispensable material for the realization of various design decisions on the interior.

We suggest you buy glass mosaic for swimming pool and on the floor!